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Welcome to Spec Translations Inc, the language service provider businesses trust for quality work and fast turnarounds. We’re well-resourced with native linguists who have the language, cultural and business skills to grasp your requirements quickly and exceed your expectations every time. Explore our capabilities to understand how we can serve as your one-stop LSP.

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At Spec Translations Inc., we understand the importance of quality translations, and we have a team of expert and vetted translators, ready to help you with any project you may have. Our translators are highly experienced and specialize in a wide variety of language pairs and domains, from business and legal to medical and technical. We can provide you with fast and accurate translations, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. We guarantee confidentiality, as well as a secure and reliable service. Our rates are competitive and we offer flexible payment options.


We provide a 24 hour quick turnaround service 2-3 page documents. We have special team for this work that can respond to your needs. When you are in a tight deadline situation give us a try. We will do our best to deliver...


Spec Translations Inc. is now offering interpretation services in most of the languages to our clients. Given the reality of remote work, we can offer translations services on Zoom or other platforms. Our services include consecutive and simulatneous translation. Our interpreters are highly experienced and trained in providing accurate interpretation. If you are interested in learning more about our interpretation services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you bridge the communication gap and fostering understanding between you and your clients.


Refining and revising documents for business use requires a working knowledge of language conventions, context and a sharp eye for detail. Our editors check spellings, punctuations, vocabulary and comprehension thoroughly. We don’t edit clinically, but clean-up and improve documents with the end-user in mind.


Sub-par subtitling can make audiences cringe or even laugh!. This is never an issue when you entrust your subtitling needs to our language experts. Not only do they possess excellent language and listening skills, they’re also familiar with cultural specificities, and adapt dialogues and speeches between languages sensitively. We are also proficient in using many subtitling tools.


The Use of Google Translate and other Computer Assisted Translation tools is increasing. They add to the productivity but need for the experts for checking the output is still essential. Our linguits ensure that culurally correct words are used in the right context to convey the intended message. We provide such services to ensure the quality if the final deliverables...


Localization of your website for your target markets is an essential requirement to expand your business. This also enhances the image your business as a global enterpise. Our top-notch website experts include liguists and web design specialists to ensure consistency in the message and web content in the target language while keeping the linguistic and cultural context in mind. We identity suitable keywords and metadata to support your SEO efforts.


Our linguists come with the knowledge of local culture and its sensitivities can help you to create content for you social media page, blog, website or for other marketing collateral. We can also creat newsletters and brochures using the popular DTP tools...


We transcription services for audio and video recordings in order to produce accurate transcripts. At Spec Translations Inc., we have a team of experienced and qualified transcriptionists who are capable of transcribing audio and video recordings of any length and complexity at competetive prices. When accuracy is of utmost imporantance, you can rely on us. Our team of transcriptionists is trained to pay attention to detail and produce transcripts that are accurate and error-free. Give us the opportunity to work with you on your next transcription project.


Original: Our translators specialize in different fields, from science to medicine, literature, law, finance, ...


Get the project done with a professional design, at affordable prices. With a team of experienced and creative graphic designers, we offer all sorts of desktop publishing services to help take your business to the next level. Expert design team that understands what works for your business and industry. Traditional & digital printing services are available on site or delivered to your door. Make your own website and app content without learning a complicated coding language. We'll do the hard work. No more relying on costly freelancers or a small in-house team. Take your business to the next level by adding Desktop Publishing services. Get ready to add a whole new range of products and services that will take your client's breath away. Benefit from increased revenue streams, boosted customer loyalty and a booming marketplace.

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